Save your iPhone battery life running iOS 9

iOS 9

iOS 9 preview version is out and it comes with a low-power mode which will extend the battery backup of your iPhone and iPad. For years, Apple’s mobile device users are tweaking their gadgets’ settings (e.g. display brightness, data consumption, sync etc.) to preserve battery life. But the new low-power mode on iOS 9 does these all for you. Moreover, it performs some more advanced tricks that you didn’t even know!

The new feature can block applications’ background data loading, stops the email app synchronization, reduces the processor speed and minimizes animations. At the same time, you will be able to keep using your iPhone. Apple says that the low-power mode will get you about one hour extra battery life on iOS 9.

Whether you are using the iOS 9 preview version or planning to upgrade when the final version arrives, you can turn on the low-power mode from Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode > (Press Continue). The battery icon on your device screen gets Yellowish to reflect the activation of the low power mode. See the video below for more details.

Image Credit: Apple

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